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Linking Up: Replacing Travis Lewis

*Obviously the big news of the day out of Sooner Land is that stud linebacker Travis Lewis will miss the next eight weeks with a broken toe. I gave my thoughts over on Crystal Ball Run. The news felt like a stomach punch, but there are plenty of talented guys on the roster to call on.

*Dueling for the college football world's attention today were the rumors that, yet again, Texas A&M had decided to bolt to the SEC. The rumor-mongering out of College Station is undoubtedly growing tiresome, and today's whispers reeked of some kind of message board tip from a booster.

*On the other hand, Chris Level's reporting on the negotiations between Texas Tech and ESPN over televising this season's Tech-Texas game might help you understand just why the Aggies appear so itchy to get out of the conference. Threatening to pull the plug on a nationally televised game is not only laughable, but an insulting attempt to bully a school into pushing its fans to subscribe to a television network they'd watch one time a year.

When you start breaking this down based on where A&M will make more money or where it will have a better chance of competing, you're missing the point. A fondness for ding-a-ling contests is embedded in Texans' DNA. At the end of the day, this is all about the Aggies not wanting to be bossed around by the Longhorns. That's it.

*I caught the first episode of the new – and last – season of Entourage today. Is this show still supposed to be a comedy? I'm not seeing it.

(Unlike Curb Your Enthusiasm, which has been excellent, per usual.)