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Podcast: Bill Connelly, Football Outsiders

Bill Connelly may be the hardest-working man in college football blogging, writing for Missouri site Rock M Nation, Football Outsiders and the new stats-heavy blog Football Study Hall. He reluctantly tore himself away from a photo shoot – no, seriously – for a podcast to give us the lowdown on the 2011 edition Football Outsiders College Football Almanac and what his innovative statistical analysis is projecting for the upcoming season.

Bill and I go over:

  • the method to his statistical madness;
  • what held back the Oklahoma Sooners in 2010;
  • what the numbers say for OU in 2011;
  • the Texas Longhorns' bizarre '10 season and how to project UT this year;
  • the other contenders in the Big 12; and
  • why his system loves Alabama this season.

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