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Cut Out the Crap

A couple of BH's loyal followers have asked me for my take on the Twitter ugliness going down this week leading up to Saturday's big game between the Florida State Seminoles and Oklahoma Sooners.

My reaction: Who the fuck cares?

Hopefully by now we've all learned that the anonymity of the Internet enables the basest of some scumbags' intentions. They may think it's funny or are simply trying to get a rise out of people, but, inevitably, when a high-profile personal tragedy strikes, some asshole is going to start cracking wise and poking the bear.

Sports even beats politics in terms of bringing out the worst in some people, so the "trolling" – I think that's what the kids are calling it these days – in this case doesn't surprise me in the least. Every fan base has these losers in their midst, and who's to say if these people even really claim allegiance to Florida State, Oklahoma, or whomever.

If some chumps get their jollies from screwing with college kids over something like the death of a friend, that's their problem. We can try to wish it all away, which is pointless, or kick someone's ass, which is equally pointless. Like it or not, it won't eradicate this crap from sports – or life, for that matter.

Big match-ups between elite programs like this happen so rarely these days. Easier said than done, but just ignore the periphery and enjoy the game.

If you think this shit is funny or some way to help your side get a leg up, may God have mercy on your soul. If you're going to Tallahassee for the game this weekend, have fun.