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Linking Up: Realignment Runneth Over

Labor Day 2011 has been one for the books. Check out these links as you're coming down from the holiday high.

*I'm working on a more in-depth piece expressing my feelings about realignment as a fan. In the meantime, here's what everyone else – and I mean everyone – has to say, along with a quick reaction from moi:

*Finally watched The Town last night. Strong follow-up from Ben Affleck the director to the criminally underrated Gone Baby Gone. As a filmmaker, Affleck displays an astute ability to capture the conflicting drives and emotions of the human condition far better than anything he has done as an actor. As far as the Boston working class goes, Affleck depicts a deep sense of loyalty and clansmanship in a way that comes off as strikingly authentic and not at all hokey.

*Don't get your hopes up about Travis Lewis playing against Florida State next week, let alone being effective.