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Reality Rankings Top 10: Week 3

Tyrane Matthieu
Until Big Poppa Kenney gives me the keys to Family Blog Poll Truckster, I am relegated to creating my own Reality Rankings Top 10. Why only 10? Because you are not really relevant unless you are in the top 10. Your momma might think you're swell, but the nation doesn't care. Like I've said before, these rankings are based on what a team has actually accomplished on the field this year. There is no conjecture about who I think would beat whom on a neutral field on any given day. That's just guessin', which is for suckas who rate draft picks and high school recruits.

So what goes into how I rank my teams? It's all about who you beat, how you beat them and where you did it. Beating a quality team at their place is more impressive than beating them in a neutral field which is more impressive than beating them at home. Of course, beating a quality team is worth more than busting up a patsy. Beating weak teams gets you very little. A team must destroy a weak team in order to prevent a weak win being used against them. Even playing a quality team and losing close gets you some credit. It's the body of work that should be judged. Doesn't that sound like utopia?

Without further ado, here's the first installment of Reality Rankings. Please, I welcome some debate and questioning. Shoot me an email:


1. LSU – Ever so slight edge over the Sooners with two quality wins over Oregon in neutral territory and a game Mississippi State team. Tigers could solidify No. 1 with solid win at West Virginia this week.

2. Oklahoma – Have the single best quality win of anyone this year (at Florida State), but it is only one quality win. They did what was expected – dominate – against a decent Tulsa squad.

3. Alabama – Not sure Penn State is a quality win, but the Tide have been dominant over everyone else. A chance to rise with tough games against Arkansas and Florida coming up.

4. Stanford – Cardinal haven't shown they are as good as last year, but they have shown poise in all three games. Best win was at Arizona, which is better than its record. Could fall since they will not face a quality team for over a month.

5. Boise State – Only have two wins, but the Broncos have looked amazing in both. Broncos also in danger of falling because on their inherently weak schedule. They simply MUST dominate from here on out to be considered for the BCS championship.

6. Oklahoma State – Offense is impressive. Defense not so much. The Pokes have beaten decent squads in Arizona and Tulsa. Will get first big-time test against Texas A&M at Kyle Field this week.

7. Florida – Impressive in-conference win against Tennessee. Lots of potential in Gainesville. We'll know whether the Gators are ready for a return to elite status by mid-October. Alabama and LSU await.

8. Wisconsin – The Badgers have looked dominant in three wins, but the quality of opponents has been extremely weak. Big Ten schedule in general is not very difficult. Wisconsin could easily run the table.

9. Florida St. – Actually get credit for a quality loss and hanging with the No. 1 Sooners. FSU has played solidly in all three games.

10. South Florida – The Bulls have looked solid in all three wins. Beat a talented Notre Dame team at South Bend. Their place in top 10 will probably be short-lived with the Bulls playing their weak Big East schedule.