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Ridiculous and Sublime: Oklahoma 23, Florida State 13

I did a recap of OU's big win over the Seminoles for Crystal Ball Run. Now, let's take a look at the good and the bad from Saturday night. There's much more of one than the other.


Ridiculously Ridiculous

Red Zone Offense

Yet again, the Sooners kept coming away with short field goals instead of touchdowns when they got close to the goal line. FSU has an outstanding defense, but, still, if OU can't figure out a way to punch it in with greater frequency, all those missed points will eventually come back to haunt the Sooners in a big game.

Landry Jones' Interceptions

No one should be dogging the 'Stache for his performance against the 'Noles. Pretty much all of FSU's secondary will be playing on Sundays, and that pass rush is flat-out nasty. On the other hand, both of the picks he threw were WTF moments.


Ryan Broyles' Ill-Advised Punt Return

Not sure what OU's All-American receiver was thinking when he decided to field that punt in the fourth quarter on OU's 6-yard line. I understand trying to make a play, but that won't fly.


Running Game

Sure, OU averaged fewer than 3 yards per carry against FSU. That stat hides just how well the ground game worked against one of the best run defenses in the country. It was the most physical OU's offensive line has played since that heralded 2008 group left. The OU coaching staff's decision to go right at FSU's front seven showed a confidence in the running game that has been missing for a while.

Frank Alexander

The big fella was sporting No. 12, and he lived up to the honor. Alexander looked like the disruptor OU fans have wanted to see. When he brings it like he did Saturday night, Alexander is a force.

Sublimely Sublime

Landry Jones' Stones

For all the heartburn Jones causes with his hit-or-miss play, his detractors should take notice of his play in the clutch in the last two years. He easily could have folded late in the game last night, especially given the environment. Instead, he stood in and fired off the two biggest completions of his career.

Kenny Stills and Ryan Broyles

Hey to break this to you, Ryan, but your reign as the best wideout in Oklahoma history may not last too long. Stills is that good. (His Austin Box tribute was classic, too.) Either way, the Broyles-Stills combo is the best wide receiver duo in the country. It's really not that close.

Travis Lewis

That was some Willis Reed shit. Ten or 15 plays would have been a nice contribution and given OU a little depth. But, no, No. 28 was his old sideline-to-sideline self, and it was his hit on E.J. Manuel that knocked Florida State's quarterback out of the game.

Tom Wort

Not to be outdone by Lewis, Wort played the game of his life. The Sooners got plenty of standout performances on both sides of the ball, but none can top what OU's middle linebacker did. Frankly, he was the best player on a field chock full of studs.