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Best Case, Worst Case: Kansas Jayhawks

It's Kansas week, but you'd barely notice based on the media. It's understandable that everyone is still drunk off the Longhorn beatdown.

Additionally, I suppose, the reaction is understandable given the immense number of points the Jayhawks have surrendered. Kansas ranks 120th nationally in scoring defense this year. That's dead last folks. Oklahoma State scored 56 at halftime against these guys last week. Worse probably is the 768 yards given up to a resurgent Georgia Tech team last month. Kansas ranks in the hundreds in just about every statistical defensive category. Yes, the Jayhawk defense is horrid.

However, the offense is not bad. Quarterback Jordan Webb has more yards per passing attempt and a higher quarterback rating than Landry Jones. The Jayhawks average 219 rushing yards per game in comparison to the Sooners' 159. Kansas has not yet rushed for fewer than 150 yards per game.

KU's ratio of running plays to passing plays this season is exactly two to one. It's obvious what the offensive game plan for the Jayhawks will be.


Best Case

The Kansas defense has given up 333 yards per game to the pass. Oklahoma nets 376 yards per game. You see where this is heading. OU will probably rack up some big rushing yards as well. Kansas gives up 223 yards per game on the ground.

OU will probably not face a defense this weak all year. Kansas will probably not face a defense this strong all year. Prediction: Pain.

: OU scores early and often, by land and by air. The defense does it's part, forcing many three and outs and three turnovers. OU romps, 59-17.

Worst Case

There's classic letdown potential in this game, although I think the Sooners have learned their lesson after the Missouri game. It's a night game as well, so that adds a bit more drama to the situation.

The Sooners could let their foot off the gas somewhat. For Bob Stoops, that means he pulls the starters no earlier than the end of third quarter.

Outcome: Kansas plays with enthusiasm in front of the home crowd at night. The Jayhawks are able to move the ball efficiently at first. However, the Sooners adjust quickly. The KU defense is too outgunned to create any kind of real resistance. Kansas gets a few scores out of its running game, even before garbage time. Sooners win, 49-24.