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Linking Up: Red River Shootout, A Day Later

Much more fun scouring the media for articles when OU wins this game.

*There have been so many changes at Texas in the last 13 years, except for one notable constant. My guess is there are plenty of OU fans out there today hoping that constant sticks around as long as he'd like.

*Jen Floyd Engel of says the Sooners' stomping of the Longhorns was "much needed." Whoa, Nelly.

*Think Bob Stoops and his staff didn't enjoy this one just a little bit?

*Tom Dienhart of has his doubts about how Oklahoma would hold up against SEC powers Alabama and LSU. I do, too.

*Sounds like Mario Edwards, the top defensive recruit in the country, is really warming up to OU.

*Reading this interview with Andy Katz of, I almost feel sad for Dan Beebe.

*The reaction on the Texas side seems to fall back on the notion that the loss was mainly about Texas' quarterbacks.