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Reality Rankings Top 10: Week 5

Wow, AP poll drops us to third and everybody throws a hissy. Really? I'm disappointed y'all care that much. If your ego needs a rubdown, check out the Coaches Poll. That's the one that counts anyway.

I love these separation games. Makes it easier to get rid of all the riff raff. Later Nebraska. Sayonara West Virginia. Hasta Virginia Tech. Texas A&M? See ya, wouldn't want to be ya. There's still a chance for you Aggies to win the "last half of the season conference championship." Repeat, baby!

Well, it's upon us. Texas week. I expect the Sooners to handle themselves against a powerhouse that celebrates wins against BYU and Iowa State. The Longhorns are on a mission to pay back Baylor too! Texas Offensive Coordinator Bryan Harsin will be bringing the clown tricks, but the Longhorns' hopes rest on how well the defense pressures Landry Jones. Texas has all the talent money can buy. Whenever you have athletes, there's always a chance.

As always, this poll reflects performance on the field this year, not on ESPN fawning (last week in parentheses):


1. LSU (1) – Tigers hold firm in the top spot. Defense carries the day as offense looks less than stellar. Mississippi State is no longer a quality win. Opponents' record: 13-11.

2. Alabama (3) – Sorry, guys, but Alabama rises above OU by the slimmest of margins by virtue of playing more teams. Thoroughly handled Arkansas and Florida, which are slightly better wins than Florida St. and Missouri. Don't fret. A win over Texas will bump OU up at least one spot (not that I'm counting chickens or anything). Opponents' record: 14-11.

3. Oklahoma (2) – Nothing to gain by whipping up on Ball State. Sooners did what they should have – dominate. Opponents' record: 9-9.

4. Clemson (7) – Clemson is everyone's avant garde pick, but they were in my top 10 before the followers took notice. Opponents' record: 15-7.

5. Wisconsin (9) – The Badgers have simply looked dominant. Nebraska is one dimensional for sure, but it was an impressive dismantling that took place in Madison. Opponents' record: 10-13.

6. Boise State (5) – Broncos keep rolling and have never been threatened this year. Unfortunately for the Broncos, the lack of quality in their opponents affects their ranking. Opponents' record: 8-11.

7. Oklahoma State (4) – Mainly fell due to a bye week. The comeback against Texas A&M does not look as impressive anymore. Opponents' record: 9-10.

8. Stanford (6) – Cardinal are a methodical machine and have not yet been tested. Ironically, that's why they're dropping. Playing teams like UCLA will earn you nothing in the quality wins department. Opponents' record: 8-12.

9. Michigan (-) – The Wolverines could realistically go undefeated. Illinios may be their toughest game for the rest of the year. Could be a Michigan-Wisconsin Big Ten championship game. Opponents' record: 13-11.

10. Oregon (-) – The Ducks are only here because there just isn't anybody else who's shown a hint of being impressive. Battled No. 1 LSU for a half before running back LaMichael James got hurt. His fumble-prone freshman replacement essentially doomed the Ducks in the third quarter. Now James is back lighting it up again. Opponents' record: 7-12.

Dropped from rankings: Florida (8), South Florida (10).


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