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Reality Rankings Top 10: Week 7

The first BCS poll is out, and there's not too much to argue about. Top three can't be touched, yet. Clemson, Oklahoma State and Kansas State are showing their mettle. It's amazing that we're halfway through the season and we still don't know what three undefeated teams (Wisconsin, Boise State and Stanford) really have to offer, besides gaudy wins over substandard competition.

Good news is that Oklahoma St., Kansas St. and Stanford will get a chance to show us what they really have eventually.

Frustrating as hell news is that Clemson and Boise St. won't play anyone noteworthy all year and could realistically be undefeated without another major test.

With LSU-Alabama, OU-OSU, Wisconsin-Michigan St. and Stanford-Oregon coming soon, it looks to be a hell of a second half of the season.

As always, below are rankings not based on theoretical conjecture or voodoo computer logic. Last week's ranking in parentheses:


1. Louisiana St (1) – Opponents' record: 26-19. Best win: Oregon, which hasn't been challenged in any other game all year and just beat a very solid Arizona St. team. Overrated win: West Virginia, which has yet to beat a quality team. Worst showing: 19-6 win over a 3-4 Mississippi St. team.

2. Alabama (2) – Opponents' record: 23-23. Best win: Arkansas, which is 5-1. Overrated win: Penn St., which barely beat 1-6 Indiana. Worst showing: 27-11 win over Penn St.

3. Oklahoma (3) – Opponents' record: 19-18. Best win: Thorough 55-17 domination of an athletic Texas team. Overrated win: 23-13 win over 3-3 Florida St. Worst showing: Only leading 2-4 Kansas by 10 at halftime.

4. Clemson (4) – Opponents' record: 24-20. Best win: 23-3 win over 6-1 Virginia Tech at Blacksburg. Overrated win: 38-24 win at home against an Auburn team without a quality win. Worst showing: Trailed FCS Wofford in the third quarter.

5. Oklahoma St. (6) – Opponents' record: 17-14. Best win: Controlled Texas at Austin throughout 38-26 win. Overrated win: Defeating Texas A&M by one after trailing by 17. Worst showing: Trailing A&M by 17 in first half.

6. Wisconsin (5) – Opponents' record: 16-23. Best win: Owned Nebraska 48-17 at home. Overrated win: All others. Worst showing: Putting together this year's out-of-conference schedule.

7. Boise St. (7) – Opponents' record: 21-18. Best win: 35-21 win over decent Georgia team at the Georgia Dome. Overrated win: All others. Just call them the Boise St. Badgers. Worst showing: Giving up 349 yards to Toledo.

8. Kansas St. (10) – Opponents' record: 18-19. Best win: Gritty 28-24 win at Miami, FL. Overrated win: 36-35 over a Baylor team without a quality win. Worst showing: Needed last minute touchdown to beat FCS Eastern Kentucky 10-7.

9. Stanford (8) – Opponents' record: 14-24. Best win: Not much to choose from. Rolled up 567 yards against Arizona before their meltdown of six straight losses. Overrated win: Although they beat Duke by 30, only up 10 at halftime. Worst showing: First half against Duke.

10. Oregon (-) – Opponents' record: 19-20. Best win: 41-27 over Pac-12 South leader Arizona St. Overrated win: 43-15 win over Cal in which Ducks gave up 465 yards. Worst showing: Getting destroyed 24-7 in the second half against LSU.

Dropped from rankings: Michigan (9)