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Best Case, Worst Case: Iowa State Cyclones

Paul Rhoads
I hope you guys have recovered from your self-induced hyperglycemic mega coma. I for one quite enjoyed gorging on mass quantities of charred artificially-inseminated turkey flesh. There are pluses and minuses when you live in a highly industrialized society, but rarely is something a plus AND a minus. Be grateful you read that link after you ate. I'm still hitting up the leftovers tonight.

It was entertaining watching the pillow fight in College Station (Craig James commentary not withstanding). I don't know what's more sad: Mike Sherman praying for one bright ending to his utter failure of a coaching job or the Longhorns celebrating a win against a 6-6 team like they won the national title. Another thing to be grateful for: not relegated to having to root for either of those teams.

Iowa St. comes to Norman this week. If this were a normal season, there would be no worries for Sooner Nation. However, since we are capable of losing to anybody on any given day, there is a slight worry of a total meltdown after the Baylor loss. I don't know if it's a tribute to the Sooners' program or not to say that another Big 12 title with nothing else to boast about above that is a disappointment.

My hope is we'll draw a quality Stanford team in the Fiesta Bowl or one of the SEC triplets in the Sugar Bowl. I'd say a great win in either of those games will be a soothing consolation prize.


Best Case

The Cyclones have already had their yearly "I'm So Proud" game. They don't have a great passing offense to rip apart our secondary. The game's in Norman. We still own the Big 12. They're Iowa St.

Outcome: OU is thankful for a prep week to get ready for Bedlam. OU runs, runs and runs some more. The Belldozer continues to be unstoppable. OU wins, 45-23.

Worst Case

Iowa St. runs, runs, and runs some more with quarterback Steele Jantz back and leading the charge. The Sooners' time of possession is limited. Landry passes, passes, and passes some more to maximize their possessions.

Outcome: It's barely enough. Sooners pull it out 35-28. Bedlam looks foreboding.