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Best Case, Worst Case: Texas A&M Aggies

After the response by the Sooners against Kansas State last weekend, spirits are high again in Sooner Nation. The latest BCS Standings revealed a scenario for OU to make the title game that seemed unthinkable just a mere week ago. A loss by Stanford and the Sooners could very well control their own destiny if they post impressive wins from here on out.

The BCS has been kind to the Sooners in years past and history shows that if you must lose, lose early. The Sooners will get the benefit of the doubt once again. They should pass up Boise St because of strength of schedule. Additionally, unless everyone else has two losses, there won't be an Alabama-LSU rematch.

It's a good position to be in whether they actually deserve it or not. The Sooners won't apologize if they are chosen to go to New Orleans, and they shouldn't. They are capable of beating anybody if they bring their A-game.

Which brings us to this week. The Texas A&M Aggies limp into Norman having lost their third game in a manner that has been the norm for them this year: getting out to a double-digit lead and then folding down the stretch.

On paper, Mike Sherman's Aggies look quite good on offense. They are ranked in the top 20 in rushing, passing and scoring. Their run defense is also quite effective, only giving up 105 yards per game. However, they give up huge yards through the air. Not good when you're about to go against the second-rated pass offense in the country.


There's no reason to think OU will blow out A&M if you look at the numbers, but I each teams' psyche will be the dominating factor.

A&M is close to folding up shop and giving its fans one of the most disappointing seasons in recent memory. The Sooners, on the other hand, are starting to get locked in. Maybe the Tech loss is exactly what this team needed.

I don't think the Sooners will have another poor performance for the rest of the season. I have to believe they've finally learned their lesson. If not, I might as well move to College Station or Tallahassee, because my misery will fit in quite well there among the naive dreamers.

Best Case

OU is on a mission and dominates at home. Landry Jones and the receivers have a field day against the Aggies secondary and the fragile A&M spirit gets crushed early. A&M barely puts up a fight. There's nothing to play for. It's easy to fold. Relax and let it happen.

Outcome: Sooners win easily, 45-24.

Worst Case

A&M comes out like a wounded dog, scratching and pounding out yards on the ground. OU is up to the challenge and brings the wood in response. It's an entertaining game, with great plays on both sides, but the Sooner passing game executes too many times for OU to lose a second straight game at home.

Outcome: Sooners triumph and register a solid 38-31 win that sets the stage for a positive home stretch heading to Bedlam.