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Reality Rankings Top 10: Week 13

"You wanna crown them, then crown their ass!"

It looks like the brainwashed media will most likely crown an SEC team as BCS Champion. It's hard for people to think logically sometimes. They parrot the same lines about SEC superiority, it bounces within the bubble and forms an environment of epistemic closure. Pretty soon, bias becomes reality, and everyone marches in lockstep.

Yeah, the SEC has had the last five BCS champions, but what does that have to do with this year? Alabama has dominated within the SEC bubble, but who on the outside have the Crimson Tide been tested against? The fifth-best team in the Big 10, Penn St? Kent St.? Have they faced a truly elite passing offense?

Oklahoma St. has one loss, like Alabama, but has done it with the fifth-toughest schedule. Alabama's strength of schedule is ranked 24th. These facts fall by the wayside because of one argument: The Tide played LSU tough. "Tough" defined as not being able to kick a field goal and holding a merely above-average LSU offense to 9 points.

Unfortunately, there aren't many other teams stepping up to the plate. Stanford is worthy with one loss and a better win (USC) than Alabama's best win (Arkansas), but for some reason it's sacrilege to even to consider Stanford.

If only Oklahoma would have handled its business. It's my opinion, but I'm confident that the full-strength OU team that destroyed Texas and Kansas St. would give anyone from the SEC a nightmare beyond their belief.

Here are this weeks' rankings not participating in SEC circle jerks:


1. Louisiana St. (Last week: 1) – Destroyed No. 3 Arkansas, 41-17. I see no way possible that the Tigers do not make the BCS title game, even in this wacky season. It would take them getting beat by more than 20 in the SEC championship, and I think that is close to impossible. BCS title game chances: Almost certain. Would they deserve it? Yes. They've shown very little weakness all year.

2. Oklahoma St. (3) – Cowboys have five wins over teams with winning records. Perhaps would be undefeated without the big distraction of the plane crash that took the lives of the Cowboy family. BCS title game chances: Possible. Computers are not an issue and should place them above 'Bama with a Bedlam win. In order to convince the voters, will likely need a impressive win against OU and a Virginia Tech loss in the ACC championship to have a decent shot. Would they deserve it? Absolutely. OSU offense would give any defense all they could handle.

3. Alabama (2) – Easy victory in the Iron Bowl against Auburn. Maybe you guys don't realize this, but the Crimson Tide have only three wins against teams with winning records, and that includes a 7-5 mediocre Auburn team. 'Bama's best win is probably Arkansas, which has only two wins against winning teams and struggled against the likes of Navy at home. BCS title game chances: Probable. Would they deserve it? Hell no. Their resume is highly overrated by the swooning media. And you know what? They already had their shot at home against LSU and blew it.

4. Stanford (5) – Beat Notre Dame, 28-14. BCS title chances: Virtually impossible. Without any more games the computers and voters have no reason to improve their standing. LSU would have to lose by more than 30 points and OSU must lose to even give the Cardinal a sniff. Would they deserve it? Barely. Stanford opponents are 70-75, but the Cardinal won't beat themselves and have the muscle to run against the SEC.

5. Houston (6) – Impressive 48-16 win over Tulsa. On par or better than what OU, OSU and Boise St. did against the Golden Hurricane. BCS title game chances: None. Even with a win in the Conference USA championship game, there's too much resistance by the voters, and the Cougars' computer rankings are way too low. Would they deserve it? Yes. Any undefeated team in the FBS does.

6. Boise St. (7) – Broncos' opponents have a cumulative record that is one of the best (71-55) and have seven wins against FBS teams with a winning record. That's more than anyone in the top 10.

7. USC (10) – Crushed Pac-12 championship participant UCLA, 50-0. Beat Oregon 38-35 last week to overtake the Ducks in the Reality Top Ten.

8. Oregon (8) – Look to be Rose Bowl-bound after taking care of business in the Civil War and drawing UCLA in Pac-12 championship.

9. Virginia Tech (9) – Will take on Clemson in the ACC championship game in an attempt to avenge the Hokies' only loss. Extremely weak resume won't allow them to pass Stanford in the computers and makes them undeserving of BCS title shot.

10. Oklahoma (-) – Six wins against opponents with winning records. However, only team in top 10 with a loss to a team with a losing record (5-7 Texas Tech).

Dropped from rankings: Arkansas (4)