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Best Case, Worst Case: Bedlam

Justin Blackmon

It's all set up for the Oklahoma State Cowboys:

  • OU has lost starting running back Dominique Whaley and receiver Ryan Broyles.
  • The defense is without defensive end Ronnell Lewis.
  • OU's weakness (secondary) will go up against OSU's strength (passing game).
  • OSU has its best quarterback-receiver tandem ever with Brandon Weeden and Justin Blackmon.
  • The nation is rooting for the Cowboys because they don't want Snoozefest II with LSU and Alabama in the BCS title game.
  • With a win, OSU could be playing for its first national title ever.
  • The game is in Stillwater, again.

Is there any better circumstance for the the Cowboys to be in? This is the most important Bedlam game for OSU in the history of the series. The Cowboys are favored. With that has to come pressure. With everything at stake, this is unknown territory for the Cowboys. Will they buck history and come up with their best win ever? If not, place Stillwater on suicide watch.


It would be the most disappointing loss in the history of Cowboy football. Worse than the last two years when a win would have gotten the Pokes into a BCS bowl. Worse than 1988, when Barry Sanders and Hart Lee Dykes came within a dropped touchdown pass of beating the Sooners.

This would be worse than all of them.

Best Case

The Cowboys have scored fewer than 35 points only twice all year. OU's offense is averaging 32 points in the two full games without Ryan Broyles. This is going to be close.

I feel the key is to limit Weeden's time on the field. OSU gives up an average of 194 yards per game rushing. OU should focus a little more on the run. It will also help with the crowd. Remember the silence in Tallahassee after that first methodical OU drive? We need some of that. If that entails more Blake Bell or more Brandon Williams, so be it. We can't afford three and outs due to Landry misfires.

The Sooners have a mental lockdown on the Cowboys. One wonders if OSU can even imagine actually winning this time. If the Sooners get a quick lead, it might be over before it gets started.

Outcome: Offensive Coordinator Josh Heupel goes run first and complements this with the pass when needed. OU controls time of possession. The OU defense gets to Weeden often enough to disrupt his rhythm. OU zones out on defense in order to contain Blackmon and company. The Sooners have no red zone problems. No big kickoff returns for OSU's Justin Gilbert. Sooners win turnover margin. OU wins eighth Big 12 title, 38-34.

Worst Case

With the OU offense not at full strength, the D will have to win this game for the Sooners. If the OU secondary performs like it has all season, it could get very ugly. OSU can run as well as pass. Both the ground game and the passing game have yet to be shutdown in the same game this season for OSU. On offense, OU simply can't turn it over. Every possession must be a quality one.

Outcome: It's the Cowboys' year. OSU's defense gives up yards and points, but it doesn't matter with the Cowboys' juggernaut offense. The OU defense holds at times, but it's just not enough. OSU has too many weapons. OU needs a clutch play to pull it out, but our playmaker is on the sidelines.

OSU takes it, 48-34. Cowboys get snubbed and voters send an undeserving Alabama team to New Orleans for an all-SEC BCS title game.