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Reality Rankings Top 10: Final Edition

I've already told you why the Oklahoma State Cowboys should go to the BCS title game. It's even more true now than it was last week. OSU got exactly what they needed: a huge Bedlam win and Virginia Tech lost quite handily. Rather than spout about the obvious, OSU sent out a release to all the voters that says it all.

As of this writing, the BCS standings are not out, but ESPN seems to have decided already. ESPN hit a new low in nausea proclaiming Alabama in the title game before Bedlam even started. What is this "eyeball test" everyone is talking about that puts Alabama in the title game? Seriously? You're telling me conjecture is what should decide who should play for the crystal ball? This BCS system is getting more disgusting each year. When will critical mass be achieved and we finally get this playoff thing done? How long can the BCS live being the quintessential joke that it is?

You know what? Screw it. You don't deserve a playoff. All you media knuckleheads can keep your figure skating rating system. You don't deserve to cover a sport that settles its champ on the field. Keep hemming and hawing about this joke that you perpetuate.

I haven't even mentioned the Sooners yet. We'll save that for a later posts, but basically it was even worse than my worst case scenario. Everything that could have went wrong did. Simple as that. Sometimes the snowball happens. It just seems to happen a bit more than normal with the Sooners these days. 2011 is the most disappointing season in Bob Stoops tenure.

Enjoy a bit of sanity with the final installment of Reality Rankings:


1. Louisiana St. (Last week: 1) – Yeah, yeah, yeah, the Honey Badger is so great he should choose who he plays in the BCS title game.

2. Oklahoma St. (2) – Pokes are living the dream. Kudos. Gundy should lobby like he dances.

3. Alabama (3) – Blew it at home. Repeat, you blew it at home.

4. Stanford (4) – Stanford knows how to lobby. Check out the Andrew Luck presentation. I bet it works.

5. Boise St. (6) – Boise St. has done virtually no lobbying. Can't play the nice guy when you're playing on an uneven field.

6. USC (7) – No one pays attention to the Trojans anymore. This attempt at lobbying falls on deaf ears.

7. Oregon (8) – Who says money can't buy happiness? Phil Knight did it first. Boone Pickens followed suit. Both Ducks and Pokes are conference champs.

8. Wisconsin (-) – The Big Ten Championship seemed like an injustice. Even if you're not in the BCS title race, you can't escape the chaos.

9. Kansas St. (-)The 'Cats are feeling good. A bit of lobbying might would do them some good if Oklahoma St. gets snubbed.

10. Michigan (-) – Wolverines will benefit if Alabama gets chosen for the BCS title game. That puts OSU in the Fiesta and Kansas St. hoping for an at-large bid. Wildcats will probably lose out to the Wolverines.

Dropped from rankings: Houston (6), Virginia Tech (9), Oklahoma (10)