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Linking Up: Kellen not Jones-ing for Oklahoma

Mike Stoops
News and notes from the first week of the Sooners' spring practices:

*Farewell, Kellen Jones, we hardly knew ye. The linebacker, who saw some action at linebacker as a true freshman late in 2011. Although the Sooners are well stocked at the position, Jones definitely had an opportunity to compete for significant snaps this season. That makes his disappearance all the more surprising.

You might recall that Jones spurned the Michigan Wolverines on the eve of fall practices, making this his second transfer. Best of luck to him.

*While I certainly fear Sooner Nation might be expecting just a little too much from new defensive coordinator Mike Stoops, he does sound legitimately excited to be back in Norman running the D. Hopefully, he's coaching with a chip on his shoulder after how things ended at Arizona. 

(Is "coaching with a chip on your shoulder" even possible? Guess we'll find out.)

*After breaking through with their first commitment of the 2013 class in Houston-area running back Keith Ford ($), the Sooners' recruiting is picking up steam. Max Browne, the top-rated quarterback in the country, will be spending three days in Norman this weekend for what should serve as a de facto official visit.

With Browne thought to be choosing between Oklahoma, USC, Alabama and Washington sooner than later, an early commitment from the five-star signal caller could give the Sooners' recruiting a major spark. A high-profile QB tends to be the kind of commitment that has a trickle-down effect on all positions.

*In far less sunny news, 2012 signee Daniel Brooks recently tore his ACL at a high school track meet. If there's any upside, Brooks can get a head start on rehabbing the knee, which should put him back on the field come spring in '13.

*Touted receiver Trey Metoyer is already making his presense felt on the practice field.