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Podcast: The Dude speaks on the Big 12, Florida St. and conference realignment

The talk of Florida St. potentially leaving the ACC for the Big 12 has seemingly caught the national media by surprise. However, mysterious realignment oracle Honus "The Dude" Snead of West Virginia site 'Eer Insider has had the jump on the situation since January. He joins Homerism for a podcast to give his account of how this upheaval came to be and how he sees it playing out from here on out.

The Dude and I tackle a ton, including:

  • The origins of the unhappiness in the ACC.
  • Potential dance partners for Florida St. should the Seminoles defect, including Clemson, Georgia Tech and Miami.
  • What role ESPN's TV contract with the ACC has played in the latest drama.
  • Who the key players have been behind the scenes.
  • The timeline for a resolution on the Seminoles' status.

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