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Good God, that's Jaz Reynolds' music!

Jaz Reynolds
Will the Jaz Man be testifying in Norman this fall?

The bad news came in bunches for Oklahoma on Monday:

And in one of the more interesting tidbits doled out on Monday, OU coach Bob Stoops also seemingly laid the groundwork for suspended Sooner pass catcher Jaz Reynolds to return to the team when practices begin on Thursday.

Since Stoops booted Reynolds and teammates Trey Franks, Kameel Jackson and Quentin Hayes indefinitely for the dreaded undisclosed violation of team rules in the spring, the Sooners' head coach has maintained that all were in some nebulous state of limbo in which they could potentially make their way back onto the team at some point. All but Jackson had their scholarships pulled over the summer, casting greater doubt on their future.

Of course, Stoops has left himself enough wiggle room to allow for all to return as he sees fit. What kind of penance could that entail? Well, if you're a cynic – and I am – Reynolds may have made good w/ OU's head honcho when Gardner didn't make his grades.

As for whether Reynolds' return would constitute more bad news or a break in the trend, well... Let's just cross that bridge if we get there.