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Observations on Oklahoma's typically meaningless depth chart

Casey Walker
They say the only depth charts that matter are the ones in a coach's head. (And, yes, that's a lame cliché that actually isn't even a cliché anyone uses.)

Bob Stoops' approach to putting together the first and second lines bears that out. Even so, the release of a Sooners depth chart provides nice fodder for conversation and speculation. Let's do our part and pontificate in absolutes a little about the latest edition.

*Stacy McGee's indefinite suspension left OU scrambling on the defensive line, but apparently the talk of moving David King inside from defensive end wasn't just a case of the coaching staff blowing smoke. King is listed as the starter at DT alongside Casey Walker, a surprise in and of itself. If Walker is healthy enough to play with the first team, why put returning starter Jamarkus McFarland on the bench and move King out of the DE group?

I just don't get it, which is, I'm sure, how Bob wants it.

*Bob apparently wasn't kidding about his confidence in Dom Whaley coming back from a nasty leg injury. Whaley is running with the first team at running back. Also, JUCO transfer Damien Williams must have made a lasting impression in August. All things being equal, count on Williams and Whaley leading OU in carries this season.

*Word out of camp was that Tyrus Thompson had overtaken Lane Johnson as the starter at left tackle. This says otherwise. Honestly, I suspect who starts at OT doesn't matter much, as Johnson can rotate between the two spots.

*OU will be leaning heavily on its youth. The two-deep includes nine true freshmen, versus 14 seniors. Just nine seniors in the starting lineup.

*I'd say you can take the absence of Jalen Saunders as a pretty clear signal that the coaching staff has given up hope that he will play this season.

*Looks as though Mike Stoops now views the nickel as OU's true base D, listing a starting nickelback, as opposed to a SAM linebacker.

My prediction: Frank Shannon will sub in for the nickel to play strongside linebacker against heavier personnel groupings.

*Jesse Paulsen?

*Honestly, even if their suspensions from playing in games are lifted, what makes anyone think Trey Franks and Jaz Reynolds will see the field this season? In particular, I strongly doubt Franks will ever see meaningful playing time again now that he has moved to defensive back.