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Scouting report on new Sooner WR Justin Brown

The rumored transfer of Penn State refugee Justin Brown to Oklahoma became official Saturday, according to ESPN's Joe Schad.

Brown was the Nittany Lions' top receiver a year ago, which on its face, sounds a lot like a "tallest midget" kind of thing if you know anything about PSU's offense. I asked my buddy and Penn St. expert Kevin McGuire of Nittany Lions Den for a quick scouting report:

Having watched Justin Brown the last couple of years, I have noticed a few tendencies in his game. He has decent speed, but his hands can be frustrating more often than you would expect at this point. While he has the kind of size to go up and grab a football, there are times when the ball just seems to bumble out of his finger tips. But to be fair, how much of the problem stems from the players throwing the football may be a legitimate question to explore deeper. He has struggled to battle defenders at times, but he does seem to have some potential to pick up some decent gains in the open field.

Special teams may be an area to watch with Brown. While he was used in that situation at times at Penn State, he never really had the kind of room or time to work with to do anything. He did have a great return in the TicketCity Bowl against Houston for a touchdown, but it was returned due to a penalty that may not have had an impact on the play anyway.

For a team in need of depth at receiver, the prospect of adding a pass catcher with Brown's experience this late in the game should at least calm fans' nerves. OU doesn't need stars out wide so much as dependability at this point.

Maybe the most tantalizing aspect of adding Brown to the squad is ability in the return game. It seems like the next time OU makes a big play on special teams will be the first.