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Podcast: Inside the CFB Matrix with Oklahoma

Dave Bartoo of is doing some of the most compelling quantitative modeling of college football that you will find anywhere. With the 2012 season just weeks away, Bartoo joins Homerism for a podcast to preview what to expect from the Sooners this fall, as well as looking ahead to the Big 12 season.

Dave and Allen cover:

  • Dave's "Moneyball"-ish approach to college football analysis, including how he puts together his projections.
  • The top coaches in college football as measured by the Matrix system – further proof that Bill Snyder is a magician.
  • The teams most likely to win the national championship this year.
  • How the BCS rankings tend to play out every year. (Spoiler alert: Your conference matters a lot.)
  • Oklahoma's chances to compete for a Big 12 title and national championship.

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