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Best Case, Worst Case: Kansas State

This is the first test for the Sooners in this young season. The jury is still out on Stoops' troops. They are the Big 12 champs on paper, but the first two games have left a lot to be desired.

The Sooners got a much needed exhibition game against Florida A&M and a bye week that hopefully allowed the offense to begin to gel, because the O must step up if the Sooners are truly going to contend for big riches. The OU defense has impressed as expected and will have to be counted on if OU is unable to get its offense out of the mud like it did for three quarters against UTEP.

OU has had its way with Kansas St. lately, having not lost since that notorious Big 12 title game in 2003. The Wildcats are in a similiar situation as OU in the sense that they should be good on paper, but they have also been inconsistent. After a big win against Miami, the Wildcats couldn't rid themselves of a pesky North Texas team until the fourth quarter.

Both the Wildcats and the Sooners have to convince their fans that those perfomances against lower-tier Texas teams were just a case of early season growing pains. These parallel story lines make for a compelling match-up pitting two teams itching to prove themselves.

Best Case:

It's strength against strength when the OU defense goes against the Kansas St. offense. Wildcat quarterback and Heisman candidate Collin Klein has his best running backs and receivers at his disposal. 

Mike Stoops' defense is two busted plays away from an utterly dominant performance this year. My money is on this defense holding a very capable offense at bay often enough to allow quarterback Landry Jones to operate with limited pressure under the lights in Norman.

The offense improves, but still leaves Sooner Nation nervous about the future. Running back Damien Williams continues to impress.

Sooners hold court, 31-13.

Worst Case:
Simply put, if OU doesn't have its best outing so far, the Sooners will lose. The Wildcat offense is too experienced to be kept out of the end zone. 

If Landry Jones, receiver Kenny Stills and Williams struggle, the Kansas St. defense is game enough to capitalize.  In a low-scoring affair, Kansas St. has the advantage.

One big play is all the Wildcats need to get their biggest win in several years, and we all know OU can give up the big play. 

Kansas St. scores the upset 21-20.