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Bet strippers love you, too, DeLoss

strip club
I tried to warn you, Big 12.

Here. And here. And here.

Instead of heeding my advice, the league's dalliance with Notre Dame blew up in its face today with the announcement that the Fighting Irish are joining the ACC in all sports except football. In particular, that little leprechaun probably left lovestruck loudmouth DeLoss Dodds locked in his palatial office eating bonbons with the lights off.

The Irish dumped the Big East because they had no desire to be associated with Houston and Memphis. In their minds, Texas Tech and Kansas State weren't much better. Duke, North Carolina, Boston College – that's more ND's style. Always has been.

DeLoss DoddsBut the Irish wiggled their ta-tas in Dodds' mug, and the Texas AD publicly professed his undying love when the lapdance was over. Meanwhile, his pining forced ND's desired sugar daddy to compromise on its all-or-nothing stance towards membership.

So, better to have loved and lost? Not exactly.

Remember back in May when Florida State trustees were pitching a fit about the ACC media deal? We may never know if the Seminoles were just posturing about the possibility of making a move to the Big 12. What we do know is that Dodds made it clear that ND was his first – and only – girl. Meanwhile, what looked like a potentially decisive strike by the Big 12 on the ACC lost momentum, giving ACC commissioner John Swofford all the time he needed to pull off the coup that saved his league.

Dodds never expressed interest in adding Florida St. to the league in the first place. Aside from getting jilted by the Irish, the rest probably doesn't mean jack to him. But if you're a fan hoping to see a little excitement added to the league, Dodds and his big mouth sure didn't do you any favors.

I have no doubt that there are more culprits to blame in this fiasco than just Texas and its athletic director. But there's no playing Big Swinging Dick when the mics are on and then pointing the finger elsewhere because you went and fell in love at the shake joint.