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Dumpster Fires of the Week: Hoggin' (again)

dumpster fire

As much as I tried to find something worse or more awful, this week's winning Dumpster Fire has a distinct odor of pork.

1. Quit U

When a mediocre Texas A&M team QB'ed by a freshman puts 58 on your team, you have officially quit. The Arkansas D certainly sucks, and when the combined forces of suck and quit get together you, have the No. 1 Dumpster Fire of the Week.

The Quit U AD must be thinking about making some kind of change. John L. Smith has completely lost this team.

2. Concept of defense in the West Virginia-Baylor game

70-63 is a great EA Sports NCAA 2013 score against a friend, but it's not a game of college football at the highest level.

Geno Smith is a great player but Baylor's D was awful in every way possible. Some of the long TDs were understandable. But others were high school football bad. Same for Baylor's Nick Florence – his long TD before halftime might be the worst D on a final play of the half I've ever seen. It wasn't even a Hail Mary, as Baylor receiver Terrence Williams ran the last 30 yards into the end zone.

It was the last play of the half. Why are you defending against anything but a TD?

3. Ramblin' Wreck(ed)

Last week Georgia Tech gave up a fourth quarter lead to Miami and allowed more than 500 yards of offense. This week the Tech D sucked all the drama out of the game by sucking the entire 4 quarters.

The Yellow Jackets let the Blue Raiders of Middle Tennessee State score 49 points and run for more than 200 yards.

Al Groh, this Dumpster Fire is for you. In a bad day for the ACC, this was the worst moment and the worst loss of the Paul Johnson regime. If you are Tech fan, you have to dreading the upcoming games versus Clemson and Georgia.

4. The Big Ten (save for Northwestern and Ohio State)

Our first conference Dumpster Fire award.

Wisconsin cannot score 10 points against Oregon State but puts up 27 on Nebraska. Illinois gives up 35 to Penn State. Iowa and its eighth-string QB beat up Minnesota, which previously looked halfway decent. Urban Meyer in year one (while on probation) is pretty much going to dominate the conference.

5. Abominations that were the Wisconsin and Nebraska uniforms

I understand this whole trend of mulitiple unis that Oregon has inflicted upon the college football. But the battle of the Teams With Giant Letters was ridiculous.

Nebraska – at home – should not be in red and black. Just awful.