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Introducing Dumpster Fires of the Week

Dumpster fire

"Dumpster fire."

It's a self contained smoldering pile of hot garbage. No other phrase quite conveys the same sense of hopelessness and awfulness.

With that in mind, here's the inaugural edition of the college football Dumpster Fires of the Week.

1. The Arkansas football program

Your interim head coach appears to be mentally losing it at press conferences, providing weird soundbites for SportsCenter.

You just lost at home to Rutgers by nearly two touchdowns. You're 1-3 with no signs of the fire stopping.

The only positive here is that John L. Smith is an interim coach.

2. Denard Robinson's passer rating versus Notre Dame

Robinson started the year with a terrible game against Alabama where he could not hit an open wide receiver. But, hey, that was the Crimson Red Army led by Commissar Saban, so that was forgotten.

But then you throw 4 INTs and have a red zone fumble against Notre Dame?

Any other week, Robinson's game would be Dumpster Fire No. 1, but no one is topping the Pigs' season to date.

3. Landry Jones' Saturday night

Basically, it looked like Landry had money on the game. I honestly thought he was throwing the game when it looked like he had fumbled the snap in the third quarter. (It was a bad snap on second viewing.)

A missed TD pass, a gifted TD fumble and a world-class horrible INT – Jones gift-wrapped a victory to an efficient, mistake-free Wildcat team.

4. Bronco Mendenhall's two-point conversion decision against Boise State

Bronco, your team had finally driven the field and scored a TD. Offense was not a strength in the game by any measure.

Boise's kicking game had been so bad that coach Chris Petersen had stopped trying to kick field goals. So, instead of kicking the extra point and forcing overtime, you decided to go for 2? All the momentum was on BYU's side finally. And with a terrible field goal kicking game as the opposition in OT, you go for 2?

5. Mike Leach and Wazzu

Any time you lose to Dumpster Fire U (also known as the Colorado Buffaloes) by giving up 21 points in the fourth quarter, you have definitely earned a spot as a top five Dumpster Fire.