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OU-UTEP: Halftime Thoughts

Raise your hand if you had the 7-7 square in your pool.

*Some rust? Expected. A little out of synch? Understandable.

This is different. Way different.

The Sooners are playing with all the emotion of a bunch of guys getting a root canal and while watching a Jane Austen flick. It is damn near impossible to understand how a team could be out of action for that long and come out looking this flat.

Even the staunchest defenders of Bob Stoops have to admit this reflects awfully poorly on him.

*They weren't lying about Landry Jones working on his mobility and footwork in the pocket. It sucks that he has to show those new skills off against UTEP.

*Josh Heupel appears to be completely overthinking his play-calling. Especially after last season, I'd hate to be in his shoes right now.

*Bob Stoops' stubborn attitude towards special teams continues to bite OU in the ass.

*Good to see Dom Whaley out there. Unfortunately, he looks pretty tentative coming off that injury of a season ago.

*Final score prediction: OU 21, UTEP 14.