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Best Case, Worst Case: Texas Tech

Landry Jones

It's very telling about this season that we haven't even played the Red River Rivalry game yet and I'm calling this game against Texas Tech, for god's sake, a make or break for the Sooners.

This game really will determine whether this season can be salvaged and even lead to a BCS berth or go down as maybe one of the worst seasons in Bob Stoops' tenure. I realistically could see both scenarios playing out.

On the bright side, the Sooners still have top 10 talent, a great defense and even with piss-poor play still had a realistic chance to win a game against a very solid, disciplined Kansas State team. On the not-so-bright side, there is no sign that the Sooners can shake the funk that has been present since Ryan Broyles went down last year. Can you name one impressive game since Broyles went down against Texas A&M? I didn't think so.

Will having a bye week to think about it change things? Only optimistic homerism says yes, but like I said last week, it feels like the Sooners have made their bed.

The OU secondary hasn't faced a passing offense as good as Tech's, and the Tech passing game hasn't faced a secondary like OU. The game will be won here. The secondary play of OU is the only thing that the Sooners can hang their hats on so far.

This will be a good first challenge that I believe the OU secondary is up for, especially after getting handled by this group last year in Norman.The sting is still there from that loss, and I think the Sooners want to atone for it.

OU's interior has been getting gashed by the run, but despite gaudy numbers put up by Tech, the Red Raiders' running game is nothing special. Tech averaged 2.1 yards per carry against Iowa State last week, its only real test this year.

For offense, what can be said that hasn't already? We need to run more. We won't. Landry Jones needs to not screw up. He probably will. 

It's really that simple. No mistakes, we win. Simply.

Best Case

I'm just hoping OU doesn't screw the pooch. How's that for best case? No turning the ball over at any goal line. Works for me. Sooners win, 31-21.

Worst Case

I don't even want to spend energy writing about it. Let's just say Jones has thee picks. The offensive line gives up four sacks. Damien Williams gets fewer than 10 carries. Defense stays on the field. Tech fans go crazy. Sooners lose it, 27-22. Worst start since 2009, but it in reality it is much, much worse.