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BlogPoll: Gators back on top


*I've been jocking Florida since the spring, and the Gators are rewarding my faith in them. Don't care whom you think is the best team in the country. Beating LSU and road wins over Texas A&M and Tennessee constitutes the best body of work.

*As I've mentioned before, my ranking system is easily influenced by the performance of a team's opponents as much as its own play. Oregon State is a good example. Beating UCLA no longer looks that impressive.

*Conversely, teams can easily get passed when others around them strengthen their cases. Kansas State's win over Oklahoma now looks even better, but impressive wins by West Virginia and Oregon naturally push up their resumes. Miami getting thumped by Notre Dame didn't help KSU's argument, either.

*Iowa State, Texas Tech and Oklahoma presented a Big 12 brain-teaser. Texas Tech beat Iowa State in Ames. Oklahoma beat Texas Tech in Lubbock. ISU has the strongest schedule. In the end, I didn't rank any of them and went with Baylor at No. 25. Seeing as WVU just went to Austin and beat a good Texas team, Baylor's only loss this year now appears relatively strong.