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Dumpster Fires of the Week: Arkansas knocks Auburn into the top spot

Dumpster fire

Finally, Hog Nation's nightmare is over. We have a new No. 1 Dumpster Fire of the Week.

What did it take to remove Pork U from that hallowed spot? Let's take a look.

1. Auburn Football

Two years removed from a national title with arguably the best playmaker at QB in the last 10 years, Auburn football is ablaze in a container of garbage.

Auburn lost to Arkansas at home by 17. I'll let that sink in for a minute… Arkansas, which gave up 58 to Texas A&M, and Auburn scored seven points. Props to you, War Eagle, for taking pity on Arkansas' faceless fans behind their pig masks.

2. Manny Diaz, defensive genius

If I had a dollar for every time this preseason that the term "SEC-style Texas defense" was used, then I wouldn't even bother writing this list. Diaz is the architect of this allegedly dominant blitz scheme. I'm pretty sure allowing 89 points in two games while giving up 200 yards rushing and more than 200 yards passing isn't SEC defense. UT even gave up 31 points to a horrible Ole Miss team.

It may change over the year, but right now, Diaz's rep is a smoldering container of garbage.

3. Bo Pelini, defensive genius

There used to be a time when Bo Pelini was considered an elite defensive coordinator. However, when you give up 36 points to UCLA, 27 to a very bad Wisconsin team that bares no resemblance to the Badgers' offenses of recent history and finally 63 to the Ohio State. This was after a season where NU struggled on defense.

It's easy being a defensive genius when you have Ndamukong Suh manning the interior D or LSU's defensive talent. Right now, Pelini looks to be in real trouble, because he's not exactly a creative offensive mind.

4. Virginia Tech's descent

So far, Va Tech's biggest win is over Georgia Tech. That's the Tech that has given up a bazillion yards and fired its defensive coordinator, Al Groh.

Since that big win, the Hokies have had the wheels completely fall off the wagon. There are charred bits of turkey everywhere in this fire. With losses to Pittsburgh and Cincinnati, Va Tech is a middle of the road Big East team right now.

Props to the Hokies for finding multiple ways to lose – offensive struggles versus Pitt, late-game defensive woes
against Cincinnati and, finally, a full-blown defensive meltdown against a bad North Carolina team.

5. MIssouri Football

Mizzou was an average team in the Big 12 with some recent high-level success under Chase Daniel. However, SEC play seems to be a little rougher than Tiger fans thought it would be. Losing to Vandy might be understandable in basketball, but this year in football Vandy is pretty awful.

Adding to the Tigers' woes, big-time recruit Dorial Green-Beckham just got pinched for marijuana possession. This dumpster fire has more of an herbal aroma.