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Dumpster Fires of the Week: Heisman flyers on fire

1. Geno Smith's Heisman campaign

I hope WVU didn't spend a bunch of cash in marketing materials for the now derailed Smith Heisman campaign
like bobbleheads or DVDs. Smith's gone from Heisman frontrunner to maybe not invited to New York.

2. WVU defense

A reliable source told me that an ex-Big 12 defensive coach told them that WVU might have the worst pass defense that he had seen in the last 25 years of major college football. If that's not a dumpster fire well...

3. Boston College/ACC

It's a toss-up here, but we're going with Boston College as our ACC Dumpster Fire representative. Save for Clemson and FSU, the entire conference is awful.

But we focus on the Golden Eagles, who got blown out 38-7 by the Rambled Wreck from Georgia Tech. BC is 1-6 with only a win over Maine and looks to be shopping for new coach.

4. Iowa

Penn State beat Iowa 38-14 and ran up nearly 500 yards offense in crushing the Hawkeyes. It's one thing to lose to the rebuilding/depleted Nittany Lions, but getting dominated? Kirk Ferentz is apparently running some complex long-con Ponzi scheme on the Iowa program with his $3.8 million salary.

5. "Allburned"

At a certain point, a team is on the Dumpster Fire list so long that it goes from smoldering pile of garbage to
simply smoldering ashes.

Allburned, as they will now be known here, somehow lost to Vandy. There are some  weak non-conference games coming up for the Tigers, but so are games with Bama and Georgia.