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Oklahoma 52, Kansas 7: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and The Scary

The Kansas State loss gets more frustrating every week, but all OU can do is continue to execute at a high level and win out. It's a year where you'd love to have a conference championship game, but OU won't get that chance.

Now back to the Kansas game. There's no great category today, not when playing hapless Kansas. OU was surgical and executed at a very high level. No way OU could maintain the emotion of the Texas game, but the Sooners were still very, very good.

The Good

*Landry Jones' third straight game of effective game management and possession protection was his best passing game of the year.

OU needed to work on its passing game big time with ND approaching. ND's only real weakness to date appears to be handling an elite, complex passing game. That's what OU showed Saturday night. Landry was demonstrating his NFL arm all night, including elite-level passes to Kenny Stills in the end zone and a rope down the sideline to Sterling Shepard.

*The first-team wide receiver corps, which right now is Shepard, Jalen Saunders, Justin Brown and Stills. Landry is very close to getting really in sync with these guys – almost where he was a year ago with Ryan Broyles, Stills and Jaz Reynolds. That's saying something.

Stills is back outside, Brown is the big flanker and Saunders/Shepard are providing speed and finding ways to get open in space from the slot.

*Offensive line did a great job keeping Landry protected, and when OU ran the ball, the running backs and Belldozer got 17 carries for 6 yards an attempt. Landry was "sacked" once on a grounding call. The OL is playing as an efficient, cohesive unit.

*OU's offensive execution was excellent. OU only generated 400 yards in total offense, but the Sooners went 190 yards in two returns for touchdowns. Two turnovers set up OU in short yardage.

OU scored on its first eight possessions. You cannot ask for much more from your first-team offense.

*OU's defense did a good job forcing turnovers and forcing punts. KU came in with a run, run, and run again game plan. OU did a good job overall, even though KU's midget RB James Sims got too many yards at times. Safety Javon Harris did a great job playing centerfield, picking off two passes.

*Special mention to Brennan Clay. Clay's finally healthy and did a great job getting in shape in the offseason. After
two injury-mired seasons where he looked tentative and unsure, he's starting to look like the all-purpose, four-star RB OU signed out of San Diego.

*Second special mention to Roy Finch. Finch has disappeared from OU's base offense with the surge of Damien Williams and heavy usage of the two-back look of Trey Millard and Williams. Give Finch every bit of credit for still making a great play on his kickoff return. He's never looked faster or like more of a threat.

The Bad

*Justin Brown, just call for a fair catch if you need to. Cannot afford that fumble on a punt return.

*OU's back-up WRs didn't do Blake Bell any favors. Trey Metoyer made a move for a bigger play on a catch instead of driving north and getting a first down. Then Lacoltan Bester dropped a sure first down. Bell's last pass to Durron Neal was probably more a case of good coverage than Neal dropping a pass.

It would have been nice to see Bell lead a scoring drive.