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Oklahoma-Texas Tech: What to Watch

Bob Stoops

No. 14 Oklahoma (2-1) at No. 24 Texas Tech (4-0)
Oct. 6, 2:30 p.m. CT
Jones AT&T Stadium (Lubbock, Texas)
Line: OU -5

Not to get all dramatic on you, but it's tough to overstate how important Saturday's game is for Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops and, perhaps more importantly, his coaching staff. The natives are restless in Norman and will soon demand some scalps if the Sooners don't start getting their act together.

Will they beat the heat, a least for a week? Watch:

*OU's run-to-pass ratio.

OU needs to use the running game to take the pressure off Landry Jones and not force him to throw 60 times to win the game.

*How does OU lean on the run while still getting Jones comfortable in the passing game?

It seems like former offensive coordinator Kevin Wison would use the quick easy passes to Ryan Broyles to get Jones comfortable early, then incrementally increase the complexity in the passing game.

OU needs to find a way to get the ball to running back Damien Williams and get the quarterback comfortable. An impossible task?

*Does the elimination of the QB threat in the running game allow Mike Stoops to turn the pass rush back on and send more blitzes?

Can OU sack Tech QB Seth Doege?

*How do these teams respond to the first legitimate tests for their pass defense?

Which defense does the better job avoiding the big pass play and getting third-and-long stops to get off the field?

*What happens when Tech brackets coverage towards the slot?

Jones needs to get the two outside wide receivers involved in the passing game.

*Signs of Josh Heupel's identity.

Oklahoma's offensive coordinator is still trying to find his pace and style calling plays. It has been a struggle all year long, and it's starting to become a concern that while a good QB coach, Heupel just isn't a play caller.

OU would really benefit from getting off to a hot start to grab a lead and put Tech in catch-up mode.

*Will OU use the BellDozer at all this weekend?

If so, what situations and how often?