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Reality Rankings: Later, LSU

Zach Mettenberger

The Sooners can start the season over this week. This really is a make or break game. I'll expound later in the week.

It can't be possible that I won't rank my Sooners once this whole season, can it?

This is the first time in the history of the Reality Rankings that a top five team won a game and actually fell out of the rankings altogether. It wasn't so much the lackluster performance LSU had against Towson (or is it Towson St?  Towson Tech?), but a realization that LSU has not only not played anybody, but haa looked bad doing it. Count me as someone who will not be surprised at all if they go and get handled by Florida this week.

Here are this week's rankings based on actual performance on the field, not SEC hype:

1. Alabama (1) - Nothing this week to knock Bama off their perch. Opponents' record (FBS teams only): 8-13.

2. Florida State (2) - I'll go ahead and say it: Florida St. will play for the BCS title. Opponents' record: 6-6.

3. Notre Dame (5) - Catholics vs. Convicts is a thing of the past, but the Irish should prevail in this match-up with Miami too. Opponents' record: 6-8.

4. Florida (6) - It's time for the Gators to announce they are back with a takedown of LSU at The Swamp. Opponents' record: 5-9.

5. Kansas State (7) - Wildcats enjoyed the bye week, but will probably enjoy the Kansas game even more. Opponents' record: 5-5.

6. Georgia (8) - The announcers of the Georgia-Tennessee high-scoring game thought the West Virginia-Baylor game was a joke because of the high score. SEC kool-aid drinkers: they're everywhere. Opponents' record: 4-14.

7. Oregon (9) - Ducks not as impressive as they should be. Only up four at the half against 2-3 Washington State. They still have ample time to impress. Opponents' record: 9-9.

8. Oregon St (-) - With good wins against Arizona, UCLA, and Wisconsin its hard to not rank the Beavers higher, but I couldn't put them higher than the rival Ducks. Oregon owned Arizona. Beavers only beat the Wildcats by three. Opponents' record: 10-5.

9. West Virginia (-) - Really a toss-up between the Mountaineers and Texas. Fortunately for everyone involved, it will be decided in Austin this week. Opponents' record: 5-6.

10. Texas (10) - Says a lot about the Longhorns' psyche when their quarterback goes from a loser to a legend after a game they probably should have lost, but the W is theirs and so is a spot in the Reality Rankings. Opponents' record: 6-10.

Dropped from rankings: LSU (3), Stanford (4)