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Sooners have bullied Cyclones

Roy Finch, Oklahoma-Iowa State 2011

Big brothers always like to pick on their little brothers to show them who's boss around the house. That’s the way it seems with Oklahoma and Iowa State.

The Sooners have roughed up the Cyclones 69 times in 76 meetings. Little brother occasionally gets in a lick (five wins for ISU) to keep big brother in check. A couple of times they came to a draw (1936 and 1981), and both brothers went to bed with no clear outcome in their tussle.

As conference opponents with at least 20 bouts, OU has whipped Iowa State more times than any other team has defeated its conference brethren. In the 85 years of sharing the same conference, big brother has 40 blue ribbons, and little bro has none. ISU got a couple of conference titles a century ago when it won the Missouri Valley Conference back-to-back. But since being adopted into the household shared with OU, little bro hasn’t even sniffed a crown.

OU's Record Against Conference Opponents

Team Years OU's Record
Baylor 1996-2011 15-1-0 (93.7%)
Washington-St. Louis 1920-27 7-0-1 (93.7%)
Iowa State 1928-2011 69-5-2 (92.1%)
Oklahoma State 1958-2011 44-9-1 (82.4%)
Kansas State 1920-2012 67-17-4 (78.4%)
Kansas 1919-2012 65-17-5 (77.6%)
Missouri 1920-2011 63-19-4 (73.6%)
Arkansas 1915-19 3-1-1 (70.0%)
Colorado 1950-2010 37-16-2 (69.1%)
Texas A&M 1996-2011 11-5-0 (68.7%)
Texas Tech 1996-2012 11-6-0 (64.7%)
Texas 1915-20; 1996-2012 13-8-0 (61.9%)
Drake 1920-26 3-2-0 (60.0%)
Nebraska 1921-2010 45-37-2 (54.8%)

The Cyclones came closest in 2004 when they tied Colorado with a 4-4 record in the Big 12 North division, but the Buffaloes went to the championship game because they beat Iowa State, 19-14. By the way, the Buffaloes were bullied, 42-3, by big brother (OU) in the title game.

Little brother might have some tricks up his sleeve to trip up his older kin when they brawl this week. Head coach Paul Rhoads has had a signature upset the past three years of his coaching career at ISU. In 2009, ISU scored a 9-7 win over Nebraska in Lincoln. In 2010, the unranked Cyclones stunned No. 22 Texas, 28-21, on the Longhorns’ home turf. A year later, Iowa State upset 19th-ranked Texas Tech, 41-7, in Lubbock, and three weeks later shocked No. 2 Oklahoma State, 37-31, in Ames. Rhoads’s 2012 team hasn’t pulled off an upset so far this year.

Big bro was roughed up last week by a bully from another block (Notre Dame). Will OU come out ready to beat the crap out of the 'Clones, or will ISU catch the Sooners licking their wounds?