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BlogPoll: SEC quagmire


*Keep in mind that these rankings reflect an evolving process. We've still got a week to go in which teams could make some significant movement.

*The Fighting Irish are an unassailable No. 1. ND played more than enough quality teams in running up its undefeated record.

*Ohio State = See above.

*Yesterday might have been the first time this season I've watched Georgia play and thought the Bulldogs really might be somewhere close to the third best team in the country. Honestly, I'm really tempted to put Florida ahead of UGa, but, in the words of Omar Little, a man's gotta have a code. The 'Dawgs beat UF head to head, and I think Georgia's overall body of work is just good enough.

*Alabama's argument took a hit yesterday. When your best win after LSU is Michigan, you don't have much to complain about. The Crimson Tide have a chance to make a big statement next weekend against Georgia.

*I honestly thought we'd see better performances out of Florida State and Clemson yesterday. Joke's on me.

*I don't like ranking Texas any more than you do, let alone at 19, but from a resume standpoint, don't see how you can't. People seem to want to overlook that blowout of Ole Miss, which actually looks much better now than it did then.

*OU still has some meat left on the bone, but a 10-win season in the Big 12 with your only losses coming against Kansas State and Notre Dame seems like a pretty good year to me. If the Sooners win out through a potential bowl game with an SEC team, they could possibly jump up into the top five when all is said and done.