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Dumpster Fires of the Week: EMAW-ow

dumpster on fire

Some daring new entries into the Dumpster Fire competition from three top 15 teams and one former No. 1.

1. Kansas State's national championship dreams

KSU's national championship hopes are now a smoldering pile of garbage. After 10 weeks of playing almost perfect football, KSU screwed up in almost all phases of the game and got dominated by Baylor offensively and defensively. It's one thing to drop a close game, but getting bombed by 28 points against a Baylor team struggling to reach bowl eligibility?

2. Oklahoma's run defense

It was a perfect storm of crap for OU in Morgantown. OU's run defense when being spread out has been suspect all year long. Last week against Baylor, the Sooners made a star out of Lache Seastrunk (who hung 180-plus yards).

However, that pails in comparison to the historic level of damage West Virginia's Tavon Austin did on the ground versus OU. It was awful.

Mike Stoops has basically fixed the OU pass defense, but OU's lack of playmakers up front and at LB have left the D vulnerable to the run. The only OU defender making plays prior to Saturday night was Tony Jefferson, and he had a bad game against WVU.

3. Derek Dooley's closet full of orange pants

Dooley's eye-popping orange trousers were set on fire by the blitzing Tennessee received from Vanderbilt. The blowout loss to Vandy sealed his fate. Bottom line: If you are the Volunteers head coach and in three years you don't beat a top 25 SEC team and suffer two losses to the Commodores, you are going to get fired.

On the positive side, orange pants burn very well.

4. Oregon's overtime possession against Stanford

The Ducks' only OT possession was not exactly a picture of the offensive cohesion that Oregon had shown all year long. In addition, neither Kenjon Barner or the Black Mamba saw the ball at all – two runs by Marcus Mariota and a pass where Mariota and Josh Huff were not on the same page.

The field goal off the goalpost provided the final smoke cloud from this Dumpster Fire that will likely keep Oregon out of the title game.

5. Lane Kiffin and his preseason No. 1 Trojans

It's rare that a preseason No. 1 team is so bad that the coach has to receive a public vote of confidence from his AD after getting smacked around a crosstown rival.

USC is poised to lose five games with zero wins over anyone in the top 25. The Trojans have not even faced the bulk of the impact of their probation and scholarship reductions. USC's vaunted recruiting class also seems
ready to fall apart.