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Oklahoma 51, Oklahoma State 48: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Oklahoma seems intent on putting its fan base into some kind of football-induced cardiac shock – another amazing game with some unreal big plays to get OU to 9-2.

The Great

*I'm almost out of accolades for the OU wide receiver group. Jalen Saunders, Justin Brown, Kenny Stills and Sterling Shepard – Mark Clayton and Ryan Broyles were better individual WRs. But as a group? This might be the best.

Sure, Stills had a couple of bad drops, but he also made a number of clutch grabs, including a juggling gem for the TD before the half on 3rd and goal. Clutch 3rd down grabs by all the WRs.

*Landry Jones now has the best/largest/latest comeback win in the Bob Stoops era. Never has OU trailed by so much so late and needed a tying drive so late in the game. Landry made his classic super boneheaded mistake, but at least it was early. The rest of the game he was accurate and perhaps the biggest part of his game was moving in the pocket away from pressure by sliding sideways and moving up.

*The punt returner switch. OU switched up punt returners from Brown to Saunders, and it paid off with the most important punt return TD in a long time. OU's special teams play this year has overall been a vast improvement over the last couple of years. Excellent coverage teams and impactful return performances from Saunders, Justin Brown, Roy Finch and Brennan Clay.

*What can you say about Brennan Clay's game-sealing run? The often-forgotten running back has made big play after big play for the Sooners in November. Other than Landry and the WRs, he's probably the November MVP for OU.

*I'm going off third-party accounts and video, but the postgame celebration really made me wish I was in Norman.

*Coverage teams. The last four games with OSU, I have to admit that I've been cringing every time OU kicked off for fear of seeing another OSU kickoff return TD. It's been a joy this year to have excellent coverage teams for punts and kickoffs.

The Good

*Okay, OU gave up 48 points. It was an ugly overall game for the defense. But in the 4th quarter, the OU D generated three three-and-outs for OSU, including the clutch final one that gave OU the ball back for the tying drive.

Sure, the TD drive the D gave up sucked, but holding OSU to 7 points was big. And then OU carried that defensive improvement to OT.

*Stretches of defensive play in the 2nd and 4th quarters. Aaron Colvin made some plays, Demontre Hurst and Julian Wilson were making plays. Jordan Phillips made some plays at DT along with Jamarkus McFarland.

The Bad

Skipping to...

The Ugly

*Forty-eight points and horrid run defense again. Save for a massive bust by the safeties to start the second half, OU had pretty good pass defense. OSU was forced to make some great throws and catches to move the ball at times.

But the Sooners run defense look with 4 DL/1 LB/6 DB is not working. Mike Stoops has got to do something different versus TCU, which will do the same thing. (Although the Horned Frogs don't present the passing game sophistication of WVU or OSU, they do have a very good WR group). Still, I'm fully expecting to see ex-Sooner commit and current TCU WR Brandon Carter moved to RB to replicate the Tavon Austin Disaster.