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BlogPoll: Florida got hosed


*With Alabama playing in the national championship again this year, Florida is taking the Crimson Tide's place in the Sugar Bowl. Flip that script. Despite 'Bama winning the SEC title this season, the Gators own a far more impressive body of work. UF should be playing for that crystal.

*I realize that looks like an awfully harsh penalty for Georgia for losing to one of the best teams in the country in a conference championship game. In fairness, the Bulldogs had been bootstrapping a bit to that point, courtesy of their win over Florida. When you take UGa's entire season into account, I think 12th is fair. I could see slide the 'Dawgs up a spot or so, but that's schedule just doesn't blow me away.

*Top five if I'm doing a pure power ranking: 1. Alabama, 2. Oregon, 3. Florida, 4. Georgia, 5. Notre Dame.

*Jeff Sagarin has Oklahoma's strength of schedule rated 5th nationally. OU played eight teams ranked in his top 30. I almost feel as though I have the Sooners too low at No. 11. Ultimately, though, it comes down to a preponderance of wins over solid squads and none over really good teams.

*If you're looking for evidence of just how soft these teams are after the top 12-15, consider that I couldn't find 24 teams with better resumes than Texas.