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Dumpster Fires of the Week: Lighting up the BCS

Dumpster fire

It's a short list this week due to the abbreviated schedule, but here goes.

1. The entire BCS process, especially the top 16, non-AQ auto bid thing.

What a gigantic clusterfuck.

Northern Illinois, a team that lost to Iowa and got its biggest win at home against Kansas, is going to the Orange Bowl.

NIU now has to sell 18,000 Orange Bowl tickets. The Huskies' fan base for home games is basically 16,000. For comparison's sake, Connecticut lost $1.8 million going to the Fiesta Bowl in 2010 due to the ticket requirement, and UConn's home fan base for games was/is around 36,000.

I have no issues giving the non-AQ team a spot, but 16 is apparently way too high with the mediocrity of the Big East, ACC and now apparently the Big Ten. The conference with the poorly ranked champ needs to suffer.

One more year of this crap.

2. Bo Pelini and the horrible, smoldering Carbon Shirts defense.

Leave it to defensive genius Bo Pelini to screw up Oklahoma's BCS chances by getting pounded by the Wisconsin Badgers. (Yep, I'm bitter.)

Seriously, the Blackshirts are now just the Carbon Shirts caked in the smoldering garbage of their second time giving up more than 60 points this year.

3. Oklahoma State's defense.

Maybe it was a bad Bedlam hangover. Maybe it was the awful uniform combo.

Whatever it was, the OSU D was unable to tackle a one-legged Lache Seastrunk and gave up 40-plus points again.
This defensive meltdown came with a huge bill. OSU dropped from the Holiday bowl or Alamo bowl way down to the Heart of Dallas Bowl in Fairpark. That's probably the most severe price ever paid for losing to Baylor.

4. Texas' offense.

First, the Longhorns can't figure out who their QB is. Second, offensive coorindator Bryan Harsin finally discovers in game 12 that he has speed in abundance in his slot wide receivers and halfbacks (D.J. Monroe, Daje Johnson, etc.) and starts using them to test teams on the perimeter.

However, even that burst of initiative can't overcome the barely D-I play of quarterback Case McCoy. There are only so many jet sweeps that you can run before someone will make your QB throw the ball.

I don't understand how after two seasons of this mess, Harsin didn't sign a JUCO QB backup last year.