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Landry Jones stands chance to go undefeated in bowls

Landry Jones

Landry Jones is bringing a 3-0 bowl game record as Oklahoma's starting quarterback to the fight against Texas A&M at the Cotton Bowl on January 4. In those three bowl games combined, Jones completed 80 of 125 pass attempts (64 percent) for 1,008 yards with 7 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. That computes to a passer rating of 145.4.

Texas A&M’s defense is about on par with the other defenses that the Sooners played in each of those three bowl games. Below is a comparison of defensive statistics prior to meeting OU in a bowl game.

Defenses faced by Oklahoma in bowls (2009-12)

Year Bowl Opponent Total Def. (YPG) Pass Def. (YPG)
2012 Cotton Texas A&M 389.3 248.4
2011 Insight Iowa 387.0 228.1
2010 Fiesta Connecticut 353.7 206.4
2009 Sun Stanford 396.5 252.0

How has Jones performed in those games?

Landry Jones in Bowl Games

Game Comp. Atts. Pct. Yards TDs INTs Rating
Insight 16 25 64.0 161 1 1 123.3
Fiesta 34 49 69.4 429 3 1 159.0
Sun 30 51 58.8 418 3 1 143.2

The Aggies have allowed 22.5 points per game this year. Stanford gave up an average of 26.2 prior to the 2009 Sun Bowl. The Sooners scored 31. UConn yielded an average of 19.8 points per game prior the 2011 Fiesta Bowl, and Oklahoma put up 48 on the Huskies. Iowa allowed 23.2 points per game prior the 2011 Insight Bowl, but the Sooners scored 31.

If Jones brings that same ammunition to the Cotton Bowl, OU has a good chance of taking home another trophy. And he will end his career as a Sooner 4-0 in bowl games.