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Props to Kenny Stills

Oklahoma receiver Kenny Stills is one of those guys opponents love to hate. He’s flamboyant. He’s cocky. I’ve seen nothing to make me believe he gives a damn what you think about him.

I love him. Unlike the vast majority of automatons who play college football these days, he actually looks like he’s having fun. I mean, there’s a reason why he’s considered one of OU’s best recruiters, right?

And amid all the antics are the moments like this one:

Yesterday, Stills announced that he is autographing the pair of gloves that he wore when he caught the game-winning touchdown pass against West Virginia this season and auctioning them off. The proceeds will go to the family of a victim of the Newtown shootings. (He even went the extra mile and made sure it's cool with the NCAA.)

Like I said, I doubt Stills cares if that kind of gesture affects how you might think about him. But he can play on my team any time.