A college football podcast by an Oklahoma Sooners fan. 

Podcast: True Detective and football futures with Adam Kramer

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What, I ask you, could go better with a little talk about True Detective than breaking down college football future bets? Blogger Adam Kramer of Bleacher Report and Kegs 'n Eggs joins the podcast to help Homerism do just that.

Adam and I cover:

  • Our thoughts on TD's much anticipated finale and how it fit with the rest of the series;
  • Marty Hart's Seinfeld-ian romantic prowess;
  • Rust Cohle's book tour;
  • The chances that teams such as Ohio State and Florida State make the new College Football Playoff;
  • Intriguing Heisman Trophy bets;
  • National championship dark horses;
  • And more.

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-Allen Kenney