A college football podcast by an Oklahoma Sooners fan. 

Podcast: Oklahoma's 2015 recruiting class

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Josh McCuistion of SoonerScoop.com joins the podcast to discuss national signing day and Oklahoma's 2015 recruiting class. (Note: Unfortunately, some technical difficulties ended the show prematurely.)

Josh and I cover:

  • The impact of the Sooners' coaching changes on recruiting;
  • If recruiting is affected by the report that OU's stadium expansion could be delayed;
  • The lack of linebackers in the class;
  • How the return to the Air Raid affects how OU recruits;
  • And more.

(CLICK HERE to download the podcast. Look for a new Sooners-dedicated radio app soon from VSporto that will become the exclusive home of the Blatant Homerism Podcast.)

-Allen Kenney